We opened a supermarket where customers could only pay with their personal Facebook data. No cash. No credit cards. No checks. The only accepted currency were likes, comments, photos and messages. All of our products had a different price tag: 5 likes for toast, 10 photos for a can of fruits, 5 messages for dumplings, etc. 

The paying process was done at the checkout. On our iPad customers needed to log-in with their Facebook name and password. Afterwards our custom-built app looked for the demanded data in their Facebook history and printed it on the receipt. In the end the customers found out which personal data was used for the purchase. 

The Datenmarkt was picked up by the media. Including TV channels, newspapers, radio channels and online blogs worldwide. We were also given the honor of holding a TED Talk about Datenmarkt. 


TED talk


Datenmarkt on the news



Artists: YQP Collective (Florian Dohmann, Maximilian Hoch, Manuel Urbanke)
Location: Anita Hass
Fashion design: Charlotte Kehl, Jana Köder
Music: Daniel Freitag
Announcements: Katia Flouest-Sell
Photos: Mathias Noesel
Tags: art, data, facebook, Edward Snowden, NSA, likes, posts, hashtag, photos, messages, experiential, pop up store