HOW TO CREATE A DIGITAL MUSE? Artificial Intelligence in on the upswing of humanity. Already now machines are capable of executing most humans tasks. But what about creativity? Can AI systems inspire us to produce art? A task that requires emotions and instincts rather than science and logic.  

Our media art collective YQP collaborated with the painter Roman Lipski to create the first artificial muse in the art world.

Over the course of several months an AI-system was trained with Roman’s work catalogue. The system extracts different facets from his paintings - such as colors, contrasts, forms, composition - and interprets them in new ways. The result is a neural network that independently produces an infinite amount of new paintings based on Roman’s style.

The artificially generated pictures have the goal to inspire Roman for his upcoming cycle of work - sharpening his eyes for new composition and perspectives as well as helping him to form a new artistic language.


The entire project gets documented by derringer productions. A 15 minute long documentary is already available (view below) and will be extended throughout the collaboration.

The first chapter of this ongoing project took place at the Tech Open Air Festival in Berlin, where we exhibited the first creative outcome of the machine. In spring 2017 Roman and YQP will present the first paintings inspired by the the AI. But the dialogue between man and machine won’t stop there. Once again Roman’s new work will be fed into the system and the AI will produce new art pieces based on his new style.  


Unfinished One Exhibition @ Tech Open Air Berlin 2016




The new series of paintings are inspired by the artificial muse.

The new series of paintings that is already inspired by the artificial muse.


Artists: Roman Lipski, YQP art collective (Florian Dohmann, Maximilian Hoch, Manuel Urbanke)
Photography: Hannes M. Meier
Documentary: Derringer Productions Berlin
Tags: art, AI, artificial intelligence, neural network, muse, Roman Lipski, painting, gallery, YQP