The future has no labels

—Our Role

We were asked by Steve Stoute – the founder and CEO of UnitedMasters – to join the company as employee number three and four. The challenge was to build the brand UnitedMasters from scratch and help Stoute to bring his vision to life: revolutionizing the music industry by empowering independent artists.  

—The status quo in the music industry


As the creative directors and partners we helped to mold this idea into a 70 Million dollar Google founded startup with over 50 employees and two offices in NY and San Francisco. From day one we touched all aspects of the brand, leading brand design (logo + identity, app, web, social etc), translating technology into communication and serving artists with creative ideas.

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Look, it’s Kanye!

Look, it’s Kanye!

—The Company

Today artists no longer need traditional labels to make it in the music industry. But being independent shouldn't mean artists have to do it all by themselves. UnitedMasters is a new kind of artist services company. Its mission is to help all artists to make it on their own terms - with technology, culture and storytelling. 

—The Offering

  • Brand partnerships - independent artists get the chance to be featured in national and global marketing campaigns.

  • Distribution - their music gets uploaded to all online streaming platforms like e.g. Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal etc.

  • Data Tool - the app provides artists with valuable data insights and enables them to better plan their tour, sell merchandise more effectively or improve their social media strategy.


Launch Film


The social channels transform the brand message into culturally relevant and educational pieces of content for independent artists.


The UnitedMasters app lets artists distribute their music and provides them with insights
to connect directly with their fans.


Besides all the UnitedMasters brand work we also collaborated closely with artists and ideated numerous music videos and social assets for them. Below are a few examples.


G4 Boyz

Jackson Penn





Client: UnitedMasters
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